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Artist/Practioners statement for The Champion.

From Facebook;

The Champion. (Knight of Swords adjacent)
Valentine’s (Violentines) Day 2019.
Character inspired by a Facebook friend who fits it well.

The Champion.

Artist’s (practitioners) statement;

When I make art it try to reconcile as many symbols as possible into a narrative. These days I consider myself Gnostic (Luciferian) more than Satanic. When I copy this post into my blog perhaps I’ll go into more detail with that, but all religious paths are disciplines or specific aesthetics placed over archetypes and as you reach gnosis on any path the other paths or religions and disciplines look less and less Other and more adjacent to your own. It is therefore difficult to explain my art without somewhat roughly explaining my own personal mythology. I pair archangels with demons as reflections of the same being. It is just as God and Satan or the Adversary in older Gnostic traditions were not necessarily enemies but partners, or how in polytheistic religions you’ll usually find that there is one main god (The Universe) or Titans from which the other gods (archetypes) spring, angels and demons are halves of a whole being or archetype of the collective consciousness.

Michael and Lucifer are an obvious pair. Too many people confuse Lucifer with Satan, the two have always been separate in occult traditions. This can be explained thus; Satan is a mask or a persona of God when it is time to be The Adversary or pass Judgment. Lucifer was the character who most famously wore that mask other than God (or The Universe).However, The Adversary is available for any who have need of it. Your inner or shadow self or reflection is your “demonic” self. This ties together both Anton LaVeys concept of the demonic and Carl Jungs concepts of the Shadow self. Most people erroneously deny and demonize their Shadow. They hide it from others out of shame instead of prudence and deliberately prioritized situational context.

The Shadow is that inner being or the attributes that you conceal from others. Inner “dark” (hidden) desires or inclinations. Micheal, the obedient warrior, is an archetype who’s shadow longs to rebel, as Lucifer did. These stories of struggle are the stories of the inner battles and revelations we all have. Many of us are too often convinced that we are wrestling with demons when in fact we are wrestling with angels and that the distinctions between the two are not at all as universal as we’ve been indoctrinated by our churches and temples to believe.

As far as consciousness or spirit is concerned, the names of these archetypes or behavioral modes matter less than their attributes. Every religion that has died and become mythology has had different names for them. Every fiction that has been written has likewise named them other things, and all of these stories, past, present, and future will have these same characters of the human mental program. Micheal and Lucifer are their names as we invoke them here. Reconciled the two are are The Champion, separated they are The Warrior and The Rebel.


Color magick;
Greens represent infection, pestilence, radioactivity, toxins. Its reverse meanings represent new growth, sprouting, spring, sustenance.

Purples/violets represent bruising, trauma, frozen blood, the reverse meanings being fecundity (particularly flowering), royalty or grandiosity, rarity, command.

Reds represent blood, violence, attack. Reverse are heat/passion, caution, defense.

Blues represent chill, banality, systemic entrapment. Reverse are twilight (particularly in relation to a scorching day), the sea, community.

I use a lot of greens, purples, and blues symbolically as a statement of prioritizing community resistance of the many against the few. The message is always one of predominantly dismantling systems through their own tactics of infection, pestilence and corruption. Exploit their weaknesses. Contaminate their systems. Humanity is a pestilence upon the body of the Earth. It is time to become a plague to the archetypes and systems that perpetuate that. We can then begin to plant and grow fertile flowering new systems, ones that are resistant or immune to the cyclical plagues of infectious consumption and mental trauma.

I use reds sparingly. They emphasize very direct passionate action or spiritual violence and defense. A consciousness that relies too heavily on red actions does not have enough understanding of systemic operations or blue structures and wastes its heat or passion. Don’t shed blood until its absolutely necessary, and then know which blue vein opens to the most red.

The vibrancy or tone of the colors represents urgency of focus. Brighter colors are more urgent and fresh or nearer to present/future immediate needs. Darker colors may represent longer term sustained actions or commands/invocations or background “tones” or contexts to other colors or commands.


The right hand/side is direct or outward action. The angelic side. In my tarot readings it is the 7th card. It is the side of architecture and design. The sigil of Micheal is emphasized, a summoning of direct actions described below in visuals and text. Be a pestilence to systems of tyranny, infect, and corrupt them. Infecting a corrupt system is a purification. The molotov cocktail is rather obvious in its symbolism and the targets it suggests. The demons or shadows are not the adversaries anymore. The adversaries of humanity sit upon thrones of gilded narcissism and have none of the shame or humility that the shadows provide. As such, gods angels are called upon to upload pestilence into their programs and systems. Angels open the seven seals in Revelations. And it is an angel who is Death, not a demon. The symbol of the Cross of Confusion on the right arm is a message from the angel to question and challenge all would be messiahs, or leaders. Those who wish to lead others are often, if not always, tyrants. The upward triangle represents The Right Hand path and is an ascent unto or upload into. Always punch up.

The left hand/arm bears the sigil of Lucifer. And it sums up his message to the morons of the fascist religious right and their allies. Shadow work is the hallmark of the Left Hand Path. The journey within and the reconciliation of the private self or reflection. The downward triangle is symbolic of Shadow work or *descent into* the self and deliberate individual identity construction. It is a purification in the darkness of The Void that provides resistance and immunity to the concerns of herd or group mentality. We need not follow rules, traditions, or social expectations that harm us. Much of our culture is now built on expectations and traditions legislated into oppressions that harm vast swaths of people. Coagulate (come together) and… Resist.

The caduceus contains a sword instead of the usual rod, and it both plunges into and Rises out of the Ouroboros or self devouring and reproducing dragon.

I’ve found that both the right and left hand paths lead around a circle, and I am on the left hand path now trekking around backwards on the right side. The reconciliation of opposites, or baphomet.

I will cover more details, like the runes and specific numerological choices I’ve made that aren’t immediately obvious, in comments and in my blog later. I’ll also share the NSFW version on MeWe where Zuckerberg can’t get fragile and autocratic about a dick that makes his manhood cry.

Non Serviam.

(I am publishing this blog now but will come back later to add additional commentary and process notes. I share partially to also hopefully encourage innovation the creative processes of others. Working with occult themes and spellwork through modern technology is accessible regardless of location or budget limitations.)

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