Mediocrity is not Valuable. Personal Conceptual Limitations are not “Facts”.

Expanding on a comment I made elsewhere and with another comment thread I engaged in on my mind;

Collectively, I think humanity has allowed itself to develop some kind of learning disability in relation to nuanced subjects that are not “this or that” or “right or left” etc. Spectrums of human expression and behavior seem to be beyond comprehension for a lot of people.

No matter how many smaller words you use the concepts of more than two answers or solutions vex so many that I am left thinking “as above, so below” but in relation to humans and the dog breeds we’ve created. Just like those little codependent idiot breeds with all of the physical and genetic disabilities that we carry around in bags many of us have become walking simpleton statements that don’t seem to serve any purpose but personal vanity and emotional validation.

Dislodging psychological topics like gender from reproductive ones like genitals just seems to be so far beyond these idiots ability to grasp an even slightly more complex reality than they’ve constructed for themselves that I wonder at how we aren’t all seeing the obvious pattern of mental devolution happening? This stuff didn’t seem to be so complicated for many prehistoric or earlier cultures. Even without the scientific language and functional understanding we have of it now, or the ability to Google it…, many earlier cultures had common terms and community roles for trans and non-binary gender expressions. Many gods had both Male and female aspects. And these were much smaller cultures for whom reproduction was actually still important to the survival of the tribe, unlike now when we have more than enough people breeding… and could actually begin to focus on non biological or “spiritual” reproduction such as the creation of guiding ideas and concepts that shape new cultures.

These people seem to be holdovers who lack the talents of network comprehension and awareness a modern society needs more of… innovation and community infrastructure, and instead are just extra breeding and laborer mentality. And yet they are ironically convinced that numbers make them “normal” or somehow a standard that is still necessary.

Breed millions of toy snickerpoodles or whatever if you like, but they are still a codependent species… incapable of survival without partnership. And our culture is full of people convinced of their own independent, necessity, and importance while ignoring the rather obvious data that we have far too many intellectually and conceptually limited codependent laborers and breeding stock than we actually need to evolve or develop better infrastructure for everyone involved yet keep voting in kennel masters who sell them out as feed and fodder for dogfights every chance they get…

They mock us for empathy, it’s like they are nasty puffed-up little chihuahuas who can’t wait to be sent into the pit with pitbulls…


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