Adapt or Perish, Do As Thou Wilt.

From a facebook post;

I’ve had enough of religious organizations and cults for this lifetime, including atheists who behave like they are in one. Yes, I’m aware that semantically atheism is not a religion, but many atheists still treat it like one. They show up on my occult or mysticism related posts in rude manners in what essentially boils down to attempting to shame my interests because they don’t share them.

If this is you, and you feel a compulsive need to manage other folks interests instead of simply not engage posts and topics that don’t interest you then go ahead and show yourself out. I ain’t having it anymore. It is teenage behavior at best, and cult like at worst and many atheists are as guilty of it as Evangelicals.

My spirituality is based in transhumanism and Jungian concepts of collective consciousness and archetypes. It also incorporates the interests in mythology and religion (all of them, and their parallels to each other) that I have always had. It is also informed by our best scientific understanding of the time but (and here’s where these atheists fail at innovation and creativity or imagination) I also entertain concepts that cannot be proven or measured by humans with our current understanding or technology. This is what an artist (religious, occult, or otherwise) is good at… imagining possibilities and applying them in personal and creative ways to themselves and their perception.

Atheists who obsessively shit on concepts of universal spirit or the possibilities of telepathy and empathy or forseeing the future, or remembering ancestors’ past aren’t paying attention to current science on neralnetworks, telepathy, and genetic memory/ genetic markers. I’m not here to entertain their fear of my ability to imagine and contextualize how I believe all of these concepts will come together in the not so distant future… making magick into science… just as technology always has. I am not asking nor do I even want people to believe in things as I do. Diversity of belief and perspective is as essential to adaptation as physical mutation and hybridization are and without that diversity we have no art or ability to imagine the communication devices (for instance) that Star Trek used into the reality of smart phones we all use today. If you are limited to imagining and believing only what someone else tells you is true then you’re a shitty scientist and a lackluster thinker, and you would make a better church goer or cult member (not even a leader) than you think.

My character has always been one that imagined and exploited loopholes. Which is why I can entertain possibilities and be… creative. I describe myself as transtheistic, I was a theist when I was very young, who then became an atheist, who then through personal experience realized that the difference philosophically is irrelevant. It is a matter of verbiage. I have always suspected that the universe itself is like a body, and that we are like cells within it, which is not unlike pantheism and imagining that the Universe is the creator God, and is consistent with notions of multiverses and perceptions of time or the collective consciousness being a neralnetwork we are all connected to… like the Matrix… or how the religious disciplines in Dune work.

Anyone watching as we create A.I. and understand how to accomplish that is, in my opinion, naive to assume that at some point beings we don’t perceive couldn’t have been wrestling with the same questions and concerns.

To religious “love and light” types, if that floats your boat have at it, but I ask you, do you have a personal relationship and love for every cell in your body? Do you know all of their names? Do they all matter equally to you? Do you even love the cancerous ones? The ones infected by viruses? This is my relationship and understanding of God. To that end I think of your oversimplifications of “love and light” as someone who ignores effective treatments for cancer and viruses in favor of things that make personal feel good statements instead. I’ll go ahead and stick with the entities that are aware of me and work with them, because sometimes a sickness in the body needs to be immunized, which is an attack upon it and doesn’t resemble any kind of love, but is a service and for the greater good of the entirety of the living body.

I’ve had it with every kind of cult holding back the progress of humanity within the comfort zones of their personal limitations. Humanity is a cancer upon the body of this planet, and we are all forced to participate in the fever at this point. We need to clean up our act, and we can begin with not being shitbags to each other because of our own personal fragilities and limitations.

Humans are not superior life forms, we are just adapted to do what we are supposed to, at best, and at worst many of us are just a virus or random code fragments that are no longer necessary for the survival of the species or the progress of life on this planet.

Non Serviam.

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