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Love Wasted on Ingrates…

From a Facebook post;

I became a Satanist when I was a teenager because I saw how the common mantra of most religions that we should “love” everyone was used and abused in ways that were translated into control and brainwashing. It is a false positivity that discourages allowing people to learn from the suffering they inflict upon themselves and others.

These days I’ll add that I resent the notion of universal “love” because it is born of simplistic notions of love being the only option other than hate. I don’t hate often (it’s as energetically wasteful and counterproductive as trying to love too many) and when I do I find ways to direct that hate that that bypass the other simplistic notions that one has to have an individual target of that hate and then use it up or exorcise it on appropriate targets towards which I punch up. I hate systems and cultures, I hate the grey masses of servants supporting them, and the archetypes that embody them. Individuals rarely factor into the things I hate except as puppets of those systems, blights, or spirits among humanity.

Most religions talk down to people and that practice serves to keep people stupid, common, and malleable. I don’t have to love someone to have empathy for their situation. I don’t have to love someone to respect their equality. I don’t have to love them to believe that they should have as much opportunity to learn from suffering as I have, and that the best way to allow that process is to allow them to experience the negative reprocussions of their own actions. Arguing with folks about concepts of loving everyone feels like banging my head on a wall when I should just be handing them a dictionary or thesaurus and telling them to get back to me when they can construct concepts that are less vague and deliberately “feel-good-y” and therefore just ego masturbation in service to lazy individual spiritual path following instead of forging for oneself.

“Get back to me and this discussion when you have something nuanced and concise to say instead of this circular semantics argument over a word that you overuse to death because it is overused to death and therefore you think it’s still the right thing to say because you hear it all of the time.”

Religious cults and movements that use limited verbiages of expression, using “love” where words with more substantial contextual nuance like respect, empathy, or compassion are more appropriate, devalue the meaning, and consequently cultural expression, of the word love and in my observation leaves behind a culture of people so lacking in emotional intelligence and ability for personal interpretation and identity construction that it elects tyrants to rule over it while abusing its own families and loved ones through control and manipulation based on the tyrants larger example.

Simply, a culture that tries to “love” everyone forgets how to actually connect to the passionate emotional complexity, creative personal interpretive ability, and nuance required to ascend and evolve itself properly and then _we all_ lose in the process. This is why when I make plain statements that I don’t love, or even like most people the childish automatic assumption from most people is that I “hate” or “dislike” everyone, and the conversations to unwire this juvenile inability to appreciate or interpret what was actually said and separate it from what was heard or comprehended frustrate me as it is a neverending uphill labor in my life. I say what I mean, and that’s not what was said. I have a lot of difficulty talking to Grey people because of these very kinds of issues caused by living around linear and binary thinkers. They always hear something other than what I meant when we talk about just about any subject that we “go deep” on and it is exhausting trying to undo their cultural servitude programming and get them to see spectrums instead of binaries.

In cultures driven by false positive narratives of universal love we lose the ability to even grasp or comprehend neutrality or nuance and context. Cultures based on ignorant goals of universal love, for strangers, for enemies, for our boss, are ripe for manipulative sociopathic performers-of-love* to gain the very traction and Influence that lands them in positions of control over others. We place trinkets and masks of love on an altar and spend our time sacrificing to them instead of the real avatars of love and personal fulfillment that exist right beside of us on our couches, and in our friends and family. When those sociopaths that perform the glamour of love without the commitment or loyalty of it are able to gain audience and influence they continue devaluing love into an aesthetic, and a set of phrases, a performance, an IG photo… because sociopaths don’t understand love in any other way and they damage the reality of it for everyone they Influence in the process.

Which is why we have this situation where 1 in a 100 people is a sociopath, but in our culture that number dramatically increases among the people in powerful positions, CEOs, presidents, senators… non-profits… we collectively fall for the smokescreen of “love everyone ” because people think that sounds nice and then we start falling for and then creating more gods that perform the appearance of love instead of those who understand when it is appropriate and earned, and how love is earned.

I’m an empath, it’s impossible for me not to have empathy for people, I see myself and my feelings reflected in everyone, even in people I despise. I see into people and their intentions and motivations, they are reflections of my own, but that doesn’t mean I have to love when and how they wield them, or that I think everyone is redeemable. I don’t even believe, in this mentally ill culture that everyone has their own soul.

In this culture as it is I think many people in powerful positions only hold fractions of souls, and those fractions themselves are malignant blights we’d be best to immunize and cut out of our collective system, and we should have been working on that together much earlier than this.

When I say that I hope Trump experiences the very lowest pit of depression it is as someone for whom those low pits have been teachers and constant companions. It is as someone for whom the very systems he supports dug those pits deeper…He can learn in that Void and overcome the ego that all of the other malignant programs around him have always enabled, or he can succumb to it and frankly perish. I won’t waste any of my love energy on a vampire such as he. We’ve all collectively given him quite enough of our power and energy. It’s time to pull the plug and hail The Process and The Program he has written for himself.



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