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Georgia Guidestones, Ten Tenets of Human Wisdom in Reconciliation with Nature.


In Athens Georgia, I passed by a Human Rights Campaign representative standing near a Chick Fil A asking a man passing by if he “had a moment for LGBT rights”

“No, I’m more of a Chick Fil A man myself” he snickered as he headed in.

I hope he chokes on his sandwich, if for no other reason than the fact that he didn’t even have the personal integrity to make his own bigoted statement of nonsupport or self-absorption, but instead he hid behind validation of the standpoint of a company that “stands” for him.

The Hanged Men

Many people are now just a parasitic virus upon the body of the Earth. Beings that have the capacity to understand that consumption and expansion cannot be sustained in perpetuity,  and simply don’t care, cause fuck it, they “like cheap chicken sandwiches and driving cars on cheap gas… and feeling validated in an imaginary superiority mandated by a bloody war God…” despite all evidence to the contrary that humanity has a feasible future on that path.

I have felt this way since youth. I have always been drawn to statements and movements such as The Church of Euthanasia for these reasons. Far from advocating for human directed notions of eugenics and selective breeding (which always begs the question of who gets to decide what is and isn’t a desirable divergence of adaptation and the attempted practice of which always invites and entices the same kinds of tyrannical privileges of power that currently infect our entire social structure) I have always been of the opinion that we should start guiding our own divergence and evolution,  ensuring that we allow for enough divergence and mutation to develop abilities and diversity enough to safeguard against annihilation from any singular threat. Or, alternately, we can just keep on as we are with such a narrow socially acceptable set of archetypes and attributes encouraged by the few and imposed upon the many that when the earth musters an immune response against our rapid malignant growth we will be entirely isolated and eliminated just as a body does with a virus or cancer.

The Puppet Priest of a Parasitic Virus Collective.

It is because of this long running perspective of The Other that I read into the Georgia Guidestones none of the threat and fear that more fragile and human ego-centric conspiracy theorists do. If we look at the statements in a neutral way and at face value, from a perspective that denies the divine mandate of human superiority or dominance of the planet and as global guidelines for homosapiens from the entirety of the collective global consciousness and all species within it, past and future, we can imagine guidelines (not rules, which is an important nuance) for a self-guided and mutually beneficial evolution of humanity into a future on this planet with the available resources balanced therein.

The guidelines in 8 languages are reported by Wikipedia to have been labelled as “The Ten Commandments of the Antichrist” by Wired magazine and read as follows;

  1. Maintain humanity under 500,000,000 in perpetual balance with nature.
  2. Guide reproduction wisely — improving fitness and diversity.
  3. Unite humanity with a living new language.
  4. Rule passion — faith — tradition — and all things with tempered reason.
  5. Protect people and nations with fair laws and just courts.
  6. Let all nations rule internally resolving external disputes in a world court.
  7. Avoid petty laws and useless officials.
  8. Balance personal rights with social duties.
  9. Prize truth — beauty — love — seeking harmony with the infinite.
  10. Be not a cancer on the earth — Leave room for nature — Leave room for nature.

    Guidestone guidelines in runes. The Priest of The Spirit of The Antichrist. 0110.0110.0110

Aside from human dominionist fears of a “one world government” that seem to stem from anxiety about the very notion of cultural and political equality of all tribes and nations upon the Earth as opposed to having a few “superpowers ” of (generally) white or patriarchal cultures over all others it is the first two statements that alarm most folks as reminiscent of fascist propaganda or threat. But, as I said before and consistent with political cold war and nuclear fears occurring at the time of the stones construction these can be read as guidelines or goals instead of rules to be legislated. (As a side note; I am continuously infuriated and amused by the human notion that creating more legislation is ever the answer even while we see repeatedly through history that every law we make except for the most basic ones that protect us from real physical threat from each other can and will be used selectively to silence or squash minority cultural practices or voices in service to maintaining the power of those writing, manipulating, and proposing those laws…)

People increasingly seem to be losing the ability of personal interpretation, preferring instead to be told or programmed as to what meaning they should internalize by some leader, “expert” (authority) or another particularly when it comes to religious, artistic, or philosophical matters. Of course,  functionally this serves the purpose of making Sapiens into the codependant sheep and breeding stock resources for war, Colonialism, and consumption that activists have been raising the alarm about for decades, perhaps even centuries. If they can muddle and confuse the abilities of most common people to draw connections between the evidence an expressions before us then a small percentage of men can control the vast majority of resources on the planet via the one magical currency of power we’ve allowed to represent and rule all of us (money). The worst of Illuminati and alien elite conspiracies seem rather trite distractions and entertainments in comparison to the realities we elect in servitude to arbitrary masters and tyrants.

The Baphomet within reaches the Age for Fine Ornaments. Reconciliation.

I am spending time this winter reconnecting with my mother in Georgia and hope to,  in earnest, begin writing and continue making and evolving my art and witchcraft, which are one and the same. I have a Patreon ready to share for those who wish to support me on which I will begin blogging more and using to explain the inspirations and spellwork behind my visual art.

INDREJ, in and of the web.

My experiences over the last year(s) if being deeply involved with a “religious” organization and the subsequent vicious yet textbook excommunication process manifested as deliberate public and private attacks on my neuro-diversity as an autistic spectrum and multiplicity identified individual and the subsequent related PTSD and inspired self-exploration have left me with the mixed blessing of intensive insight into the collective consciousness and an deeper personal awareness of my Shadow or spiritual self-identity. I wish to explore and illustrate through fiction, art, and written explanation my personal spiritual philosophy and practice. My first steps or “sketches” into my own evolving artistic or visual art produced exactly the reactions I needed to guide me further into the void as I intended and assisted in my spiritual and contextual severance from the manipulative toxicity that overtook the leadership of individuals in the “Temple” I formerly assisted. I intentionally hid my life experience of “multiple identities” right out in the open (as all things occult often are) from the beginning as the future transparent backdrop of the statement that I would make eventually with or without the support of that organization because my personal call to activism, which I thought for a time to be congruent or complementary to theirs, was one not necessarily born of traumatic experience but of religious and mental discipline related to the design of self identity and statements of personal individuality and identity construction through force of personal will. The climax of the story was that my personal message; one that multiplicity (as I now understand the current favored terminology to be) need not be the product of either extreme personal trauma or iatrogenic suggestion by therapists but that a third path (or third side intelligence, if you will) is one that has always been a part of my spiritual and religious mental discipline and path since adolescence and never historically unique or uncommon among any people or culture. The ability to dissociate from the personal self and imagine yourself as a vehicle  for the very character of God/Satan (or demons, or angels, cyborgs, fairies, or anything of your personal choosing and aesthetic) and thereby draw the attention and favor of those very “beings” of the collective consciousness by portraying them as accurately as possible through the current knowledge and resources available to you, with your own body as the avatar,  has been a part of every culture.

INDREJ.(G)COLD; Rev 7:11

I have raised and sacrificed beings of self on altars of knowledge,  and then resurrected them into my own personal council. These concepts are what has made me (thankfully, in hindsight) a pariah and pestilence worthy of eradication and fearful ridicule among my former associates, and to that my statement is;

Non-Serviam, motherfuckers, cause you bootlickers clearly don’t know the meaning of the phrase.

The Four.

My highest artistic endeavor has never been simply textual or visual and has always been an art of personal identity construction and manifestation. The art of personality in service to personal will and in relation to the environment and identities I interact with around me within a reality that I no longer accept as singularly important or relevant to the cycle of time. I quite simply view this reality as a recording or snapshot in time parallel to other possibly divergent and increasingly more favorable ones with better endings.

-INDREJ.D.(G)COLD, social media manager, identity artist, and spokesperson for the collective council on behalf of;

Ash Astaroth.

Jerek Blackwood.

Jeremiah Stark.

And Ravenna Corvid.

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