The Satanic Temple is a business cult of alt-lite asshole trolls. Unfollow.

I haven’t blogged in a while and I thought I’d give everyone an update.

A lot of folks have found me recently to ask me questions about TST and my excommunication from them after their recent Sabrina settlement and resurfaced antisemitic rant of Luciens from an old podcast. Folks are beginning to see the trends and connections identifying them as a business cult,  like Scientology,  that I was raising the alarm about when I was excommunicated and when they tried to scrub my history from TST.

To update people who may have missed my Facebook posts, each of which garnered me retribution from members and leadership in TST, both online and in person, here is a list of events that have happened to me over the last year after they tricked me into leaving the premises under the guise of  “building codes” prohibiting it from being a business and a residence (tho my replacement lives there now).

They shuffled me through NYC chapter member care after convincing me to go back to NYC and work with my chapter. Help that was suspiciously conditional once I got to NYC and which evaporated immediately after my excommunication, leaving me on the streets in a city I hadn’t wanted to go back to in the first place.

Meanwhile, Cara Jeanne (also uses Maris Apis and Em Epiza alts) who was the girlfriend Lucien kept in the shadows in order to make it easier for him to cheat on her with every girl who came on to him, who had been a close personal “friend” to me and had collected a lot of personal information about me was doxing my information in private TST related group forums, encouraging people to stalk and harrass me. She released my dead name and every psuedo I used online along with every city I’ve lived in and my estranged husbands identity as well (who had nothing to do with TST, but whom she was always trying to convince me was abusing me and whom TST leadership often expressed frustration that I wouldn’t cut out of my life entirely). Both Cara and Lucien kept me in the stressful situation of being their unpaid couples therapist and tool to try and spy on each other with. They are both manipulative narcissists who don’t understand boundaries or consent and therefore deserve each other.

They officially excommunicated me for being Facebook friends with a critic of theirs. Demanding that I unfriend her and cease communicating with her or lose all member status. I refused,  naturally, cause Non Serviam motherfuckers.

Chalice, National Council member and alt right pleasure model, encouraged members to report my profile as a “fake” one under the thin pretence that I was a “hacker” for taking over Facebook pages for protest that were related to TST that I owned and operated.

Greg Stevens, national council member,  Breitbart contributor, and self identified friend of Milo Yiannopoulos told people I was trying to destroy the organization and that everyone on his friend list had to immediately unfriend and stop communicating with me or he would block them.

Memes mocking my art using stills from porn sites of videos my husband and I had made years prior to my TST involvement started surfacing everywhere. Lucien has always had a team of trolls,  including Adam “Dodge” Ostrofski and Ragnar Santorum who help him stalk and troll people online so that he doesn’t get his hands too obviously dirty.

My cat died in the care one of the TST NYC members, my cat was elderly and I had expressed my concern over the possibility of my transience killing her before leaving for NYC. When she died pictures were posted of her in a Tupperware container online, along with cruel TST NYC member banter in comments about what a shitty person I was for abandoning her when I had to head back to Salem because I was sleeping in train stations in NYC. I have no doubt I was meant to see that and then…

That same day, Draco, who had been keeping my stuff in his name in a Uhaul facility in Brooklyn, made a public post that I needed to start paying him for that facility or he would leave my stuff out on the street. He made the post sound like he had been manipulated by me into a freeloading situation where he was being taken advantage of. He refused reimbursement from my mother when she contacted him to take over the unit. He also refused to cooperate in any but the most minimal ways in getting the unit switched over to her name. Almost as if they were disappointed that they couldn’t just dump my stuff on the street within 24 hours.

Hofman, the other NYC chapter head, who i had been staying with, had been updating Doug on my private conversations and doings while I was in NYC. This is where they got a lot of ammo to gaslight me to membership as being “unstable”. They used my suicidal ideation, of which I have always been open about having regularly since adolescence, as further means to encourage concern trolling and then dismissal of me as “not wanting help to get better”. They were essentially trying to make my PTSD worse while keeping it all looking good “on paper”.

They threatened me with “legal action” for the Facebook pages I took in protest to their members continued harassment.  I posted a rather amusing video of a friend in a devil mask reading their bloated bluff of an email from one of their alt right local lawyers. They were claiming I had lost them $50,k in funds with my shenanigans.  Which was absurd, but I kind of wish was true. I hope I did cost them fundraising.

Lucien came to my new job on a day I was off and that I happened to have just been visiting and publicly harrassed me in front of my coworkers and then attempted to “warn” them about associating with me because “legal papers” were going to be “served”. Effectively trying to keep me from having employment in Salem. I repeatedly told him I was not interested in speaking with him. He kept trying to get me to leave with him and talk privately.  The more I refused the more agitated and aggressive he became. My coworkers confirmed that he had been in the shop earlier before I got there and seemed to be waiting nearby for me to show up. Nothing he has to say requires an in person visit. This was to intimidate and affect my employment.

In September I was out alone watching Netflix on my tablet in downtown Salem when Lucien and Adam “Dodge” approached me. Lucien was aggressive before I even got my headphones out of my ear. I again told him that I was not interested in speaking with him. He began making fun of my autism and demanding to know “what the fuck is going on in that goddamned head” and gaslighting me. I asked him repeatedly to leave me alone and he kept insulting me. I took out my phone to video/photo him, or at least get him to leave, and he snatched it from me and threw it. It smashed against a store front and when I got up to get the remains of it he ran ahead of me and stole it, running off.

I waved down police, who were extremely unhelpful and bothered, and said they’d go talk to him and to come pick up a report Monday.  The report I picked up that Monday said that they had talked to Lucien and he denied touching the phone at all, which they had clearly taken for convenient truth on the report as they had written that he said I was an “angry homeless ex employee ” or something. Lucien and Malcolm were there when I went to get the report picking up their copies. Lucien harassed me right in the police station. Then we both ended up in court that day trying to get harrassment orders. They were literally trying to get a harrassment order against me for my Facebook posts (just stop and consider that for a moment from Mr. Free Speech Satanist…), I was reporting actual physical stalking and assault/robbery.  The judge denied us both, likely partially because of the spectacle they made it into…go figure. Lucien also harrassed me while we waited for court to begin that day, right in the court room, turning around to wave, point, and sneer at me. He gaslit me in court and brought up my mental health,  telling the judge that I was mentally ill and deliberately misrepresenting everything I have ever written about or expressed concerning my neuro diversity.  He also brought up my autism again tho it wasn’t at all relevant, telling the judge that I was mentally ill and self diagnosed. Again, gaslighting tactics.

I tried through multiple visits and calls to get the Salem PD to look for security footage of that area. Salem has security cameras everywhere. They kept running me around and then just dismissed me without ever even trying to look for footage. Everytime I came back to the station when the police officer I needed was supposed to be there, he would be mysteriously out that day/night after all.

Jobs I would be close to kept mysteriously falling apart in Salem…

They were eventually instrumental if not completely responsible for getting my Ash Astaroth page taken down. Again,  suspiciously on a day when I was being suddenly asked to leave the place I was staying and slept in graveyard, with frost on my pillow and sleeping bag in the morning, on Oct 30th. I suspect they were singularly obsessed with that because it made their job of erasing me from their culture easier  as all of the content I’d posted for/about them,  including saved screenshots I had in private folders, easier.

And all they had to do to accomplish this was barely gaslight and shit talk me to their membership in private forums, and let them do all of the work.

This is all point by point, classic cult behavior. Just like in scientology.

I am safe, out of MA and have shelter and food for the winter. I am focusing on my art and the books and projects I’d like to get going. I still have my Jerek Blackwood Facebook profile and an Ash Astaroth page along with The Process Temple one for the time being (until they target that too) and honestly I’m making this post so I just have most of the main points of my years long cult experience with TST in one place when people ask. Thank you to those of you who didn’t fall for their ironic(?) demonizing of me, and for the rest of you still stalking me on their behalf…

You’ll get yours too. Reap what you sow.

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