Art, Queer, Satanism, Transhumanist

The Independence Artifice

I spent the day in Salem Commons meditating on the artifice of independence in relation to talent and ability. People tend to place a much higher value on their independance than their actual efficiency, uniqueness, or ability suggests is anything close to proportionate. What I mean is, Satanists ranting on and on about their individuality and liberty are often the same as the dudes on Grindr who say “masc, no drama, guy next door” who are in fact _all_ of the drama and _not_ at all the guy next door and _nobody_ is masc with a cock in their mouth (except when they are, but these dudes think they don’t swing that way, yet)

We must be like Cain, who belonged to the Shadow

Emotion is code. It tells you a complicated and nuanced set of information that varies as the subject of thought shifts. Memory is a scene, a snapshot, a short narrative or meme that represents something in the past. That snapshot is made out of emotion, memories are made of subtle or not subtle emotions and whatever filter we currently have over them.

Identity is constructed from memory. We construct identities to better run the program or archetype we are meant to in relation our community. We dress it up philosophically and physically in whatever costume we think best represents what we are trying to convey with the resources or talents we have available to us. Some of us are gifted with talents that I can only describe currently as “photographic (emotional) memory” which sometimes also includes the ability to read others emotions to an extent that can appear to be telepathic. Those of us who have suffered much in our lives are becoming aware of the wheel of despair that caused suffering systemically all around us because we are also so sensitive to systemic signs, portents, and symbols, as they are all also code that can be read. Our anxieties are as often or more so caused by the past experiences of our ancestors as well as our own triggers.

The horsemen have come and gone.

The Nephilim are awake, or the gods are choosing avatars again if you prefer.  But it is happening en mass and soon you may be with us if you aren’t already. If you are, you are not crazy. I needed people to tell me that so I say it. Gods, angels, demons, androids, the distinctions are aesthetic and they have always been in us and they can manifest because they are just pieces of the program built into us that we can hack and customize for ourselves. In so doing we discover the Others connected to us who can also hack, filter, create, or read the code.

Children of Set(h)

Time is an ouroboros.  It is a wheel in the universe whose heart is the Void or the black hole. Dark Matter is the web we are suspended in and it is the circuitry through which we receive consciousness. It is a terraforming program. Time doesn’t matter to the intelligence(s) that make up the body of the universe. The universe and any alternate ones attached to it is “God” or The Program running The Process by experiencing itself through the creation of identity in relation to environment.

I am that I am, an avatar of Other things…

We are all programs. Many of us are waking up to that, by tapping into the collective unconscious neuronet around us and finding each other…. angels demons and Others find me daily on the streets of Salem and in its parks. We seem to know exactly where to go and who to meet instinctually and in the moment. If that sounds sinister and ominous then perhaps you would also be fearful to hear that we are teaching each other,  as Nephilim tend to, the ART of war in the modern age; Creative resistance. My guides teach me the languages of religions, artists, designers and other coders like themselves,  and I teach them the particulars of my insight and experience and how to address the language of our futures in relation to technology and science. 

Genetic memory (epigenetics) research is validating what many of us have suspected for a long while, that our memory, including our genetic one, is a code that can be read, understood, and possibly manipulated. And that there have always been special of us who had talents of “knowing” who were typically “(wo)men of great renown…” as the bible would say. And those of us with those talents, us Others, are drawn to each other in prescient ways and have been traveling to our destinations carrying the weight of our associations for decades in ways that appear susipicuously planned, guided, and instinctual. Doors are opening to everyone and people need strong local religious and cultural leadership and community. The Watchers are waking to our roles by unlocking and reading our cultural and genetic memory. 

Find a way to meditate, cast a spell, or make art that chases your shadow into the void, or follow His footsteps into the horizon,  and join us.

We are called Legion, for we are many, both within and without. As above, so below.

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