The Fool Artifice

I’ve recently eshewn any enthusiastic political party identification. This should not be confused with not having passionate motivations to support political topics that affect the world in ways that I prioritize with urgency. The political parties are just not nuanced enough to truly balance each other and therefore I focus on topics and context in regards of my activism and consciousness or spirituality driven worldview. (I use consciousness and spirituality interchangeably for the benefit of different audiences. I do this frequently with many terms that are intersectional between philosophies or arts and communities. I do not apologize to atheists for using terms like magick interchangeably with art and ritual, I just ask that we define terms at the beginning of the discussion and then beyond that I don’t take kindly to being told how or when to use words from people whose mastery of vocabulary is less than mine or who can’t convince me of observable harm the evolution and fluidity of terms causes.

I don’t respond well to any kind of arbitrary control actually…IMG-PHOTO-ART-1283555584

My social activism is driven by my desire to live in a world wild with evolution of culture and thought. I am driven to be what I want to see more of and encourage what I find interesting or endearing. I want to see people who look like cyborgs, or super heroes, or villains, or queens, or witches, or gods on the street. And I want to hear their stories and experiences. So I am the change I want to see. Every year for decades I have put on a new costume to represent myself and ran about in the world hoping to inspire the same in others.  I feel like the efforts of myself and others like me are paying off as we approach what feels like the beginning of a surging renaissance of personal expression. When I see people who I can tell put a lot of deliberate intention into their presentation but I read to be disappointed or discouraged with the lack of interest or comprehension it received I like to give them a heartfelt compliment. “I really like your look, shoes , dress, book, point about…” etc. FB_IMG_1527467364948

I like to be the tempter towards deviation and degeneration, or as I see them; hybridization and exploration. Be what you want to see in the world and encourage others to do the same. I want to see a world of fantasy and wonder. And I want to hear and retell its stories.

Eventually we will then all end up in the world I want to live in.

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