The Antichrist Artifice

In my exploration of identities I respond frequently by wondering who a character’s adversary would be and what their version of the story is.

And then I’ve always looked for an underdog narrative that displayed my determination to change at least the hearts and minds and perceptions of the people around me while being a representative of something Other that they have not chosen for themselves but nonetheless gifted with a specific set of talents and insights. I’ve fought long and hard to be the best Lucifer, and by extension Satan,  I could become after suffering the abuse of religiously based counciling and therapy for my peculiar and depressive behavior when I was young. This paired well with my concurrently running program to become the best witch I could except for a half decade here and there where we had to turn the settings down to easy and that affected a lot of the occult /religious content.

As I am losing a certain kind of audience I will state that I prefer when ever possible to speak in terms of archetypal and artistic metaphor and whether or not I truly believe I am a cyborg witch hybrid  depends on the day or hour and whether or not that has relevance to the story I’m currently telling. 1524600056336

I kicked off the culmination of the statements I’ve been making and distilling my whole life into this current skin in a couple of gifs I made for Facebook comprised of the rough interpretations of the introductory factors of my later identities.  The distillation of the negative things that people have labeled me and transformation of the water of life (a poison) into consciousness expanding drug of realization of the cycle of life and recognition of it’s players or programs.

I used those rudimentary characters, psychopath , queer, antichrist, satanist, possessed, into subsequent scenes involving lyrics from the Decemberists song Severed, which i interpret to be about being an antichrist due to the lyric about being born to a jackal. It was a digital message of my artistic intent, to increasingly distill,  or some would say, distort images into different moods and themes based on color, context, and type if media used for the messaging and which character style it is produced in…

The above is how it can appear disturbing when someone with my kind of imaginative ability makes an artistic or ritualized and stylized statement . When the underlying narrative to the scary one-eye terminator cyborg yelling red things could read: “I alone will make wrongs right” can look authoritarian and  culty,  but if the rest of the sentiment is that the message is very important and presented in threatening visuals because we SHOULD be alarmed by such statements and be looking for the context surrounding them.

Got that? I am showing you how we create characters of ourselves for social media and they take on fantastic and ultimately questiinably fictional lives of their own and experience their own individuation and character development themselves… into… demigods or sorcerers or matrix style programs or whatever inspires you to adapt to the world unfolding around you . Some of us are canaries in coal mines. Some of us are ravens, carrion birds when the opportunity presents itself, but also useful as messengers . We are close to the collective and can read the messages it send in broad strokes and waves and we need to aggressively adjust our priorities as a society, or die. Which if course is not news to anyone. And the details are up for discussion and timeline creation.

As a society we have become exceedingly bad at supporting artists and religious leaders who represent true enlightenment and progress and we have devalued kinds of innovative intelligence and expression that bridge academia to the pedestrian in the emotionally impactful ways that we require to learn and evolve as a species or individuals together.IMG_1524554940009

In a mutually beneficial community goal of a culture based on refined focus on an individual’s needs for personal expression as coping mechanism and learning process direct communication would replace notions of propriety and politeness. Children and adults alike would be able to dream or fantasize out their tactical approach to the world in whatever way they deem appropriate for a scene and shame would not be the result of respectful productive criticism.

So, as it turns out, my antichrist character looks a whole lot like a lovecraftian witch character, or terminator,  or matrix program, or a temple priest, depending on the intended audience. Also unironically , being a heroic character, he looks suspiciously like a messiah or christ character … or a raving lunatic prophet that people will only understand or appreciate in the future.

I love roleplaying.1526869593384

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