Leviathan; Ritual March 24, 2018 #ISSTDAC18

The loss of autonomy and individuality is the underlying fear conflict in tales of cosmic horror. H.P. Lovecraft decribed humanity in terms of degrees of puppetry operated and influenced by massive consciousnesses who represent various degrees and combinations of order and chaos and whisper to humanity through dreams and symbols. The Alien films are shaping up into a story of a superior alien intellect that reproduces and evolves by sending emissaries, bio-engineered priests, into the universe to seed planets with DNA in order to harvest and incorporate the mutations and life experiences back into the collective mind later. The weirwood trees, the Starks, The Children of the Forest, and the White Walkers (or Others) themselves are all metaphors for collective unconscious degrees or expressions in Game of Thrones. These stories typically associate these devices or symbols with water or the sea (because it is vast, dark,  rythmic, unknown,  and alien) and also with winter, ice, and therefore death. Viewing the collective consciousness as pure instinct and emotion controlled by the thoughts of the many it makes poetic sense that Cthulu, or Leviathan, would reside in the sea from which to be called forth from the birthplace of life and consciousness onto aspects of the world that have become too narcissistic and autocratic. The sea, like the stars that we draw veils over with our streetlights and cities, reminds us that we are very small in actuality. Our lives and individual daily actions matter very little to anyone but us and our loved ones.


I perform rituals without conceptualizing them until I’ve nearly completed them. Then the experience becomes one of delight as I step back and say “Oh, is that what I’m up to?… cool”. I make preparations months and sometimes years ahead. This sounds more complicated than it is (for me) because I’m always collecting and developing the most important ingredients; community, sacrifice, and intent. I’m no longer able to distinguish how much of how I experience life is on auto-pilot through the story arch and how much of it is a series of deliberate momentary decisions that “seemed like the perfect thing at the time”. Ritual and magick are forms of art, and in that way they are reflections of the socio-political cycle of humanity measured in context of the scale of the story. When you know the appropriate scale of the story you want to tell and you have an encyclopedia of symbols and characters to apply to it the stories write themselves and the paintings are finished nearly before your brush strokes the paper.

I often like to take a modern approach to ritual. I like including the technology at our fingertips which is bringing us the reality of a collective consciousness. Delving into the collective consciousness is not threatening to me as it is for many (at best it gets annoying). I’ve  crawled out of the gutters and established my individual humanity sufficiently enough that I don’t fear being “sullied” by going back. I am a man who isn’t afraid of his beast because it is my companion and familiar, and friend. I don’t work against my emotions and instincts, but with and under their guidance.

I performed a ritual on the Saturday of March 24th 2018 across all of my social media and posts in support of our efforts to educate the world on the insidiously abusive, ritualistic, and superstitious practices and deceptions of the ISSTD. Most of my posts across my media that day and following shortly after are tied to the ritual, as was my experience of the day itself. Feel free to stalk them and find Easter eggs of symbolism and relevance.

Seeking wisdom and intent.

Trees, the tree of knowledge, etc. They may (probably) have a type of consciousness that is like a neuronet or web. Or the internet and social media… in that way we have a symbol of an organism that perfectly represents evolution. Roots from ancestors and their cultures, or the manifestations of technology leading to this moment and this OS, and limbs and branches that represent a myriad of adaptations and programs vying for their niche. Sick limbs and leaves are choked off to wither when they stop performing and threaten to invite rot into the main body. I start noticing trees and webs and networks symbolically when I am asking the collective what the most balanced course of action is. I dissociate from my personal interests and investments and ask Other Memory for its council.

A discarded black glove on a green bench pointing to a tree with roots under the foundation of a house

Gathering community. 

I spend my time choosing communities to participate in and encouraging what I like about them.  I visited local businesses to see and be seen as a representative.  If I can help a business or organization sell or promote  things I like I’ve made a step towards an ally in creating a world I like. By increasing the demand for products and businesses that inspire or entertain me I’ve also been seen paying my community back or providing an offering in good faith and mutual partnership on a goal. In this case my goal is to spike my local visibility both about town and on social media where intrigue may lead to strangers being curious about why I oppose the ISSTD based on my recent posts.

Preparing sacrifice(s)

There’s always some moron or 10 who deserve it. The art is in how you neutralize them. I focus on language like neutralize instead of destroy and justice instead of vengeance, as my emotional investment in ritual isn’t about my personal slights and feelings and rage isn’t my style or color very often. The larger goal I’ve set here as my intent is what matters to all of the community I am drawing about me here.

In this case I needed some delicious posts that would drive my page traffic and discussion. People love some good shit posts featuring moronic self confidence in the face of a stupid and mediocre personal reality.  I reached into my barrel and pulled out a few monkeys to dance for me, and then I gave them a costume to dance in and “encouraged” them when they started doing monkey things like flinging shit and compulsively masturbating.

#blocked #triggered #fragilemasculinity

I did this with a few manbabies that are all too easy to antagonize and I still have a few sacrifices in the pot, so to say, that may unfold over the next few weeks. They will eventually again draw attention back to my page and #ISSTDAC18 posts. If they come to fruition satisfactorily I will post about them in a fashion that reveals them as the pennies for the ferryman they were intended to be. Given the traffic on the posts (cause people love finding and following the gossip) the plan is clearly to keep the posts pretty active until I’ve reached the next stage… and then keep hammering back at ISSTD awareness.

Self appointed High Priest of failure of relevance, wit, or wisdom. I win when they get triggered and block me.

Statement of intent. 

Drop it in a video, a note, a song, a poem… choose a medium and declare your intent. In this case my intent was to keep my social media active enough to double back and edit my IG and Facebook posts as sacrifices and community good will and direction to relate to the action going on in Chicago for the ISSTD conference.

Checklist. Target ISSTD #ISSTDAC18

My opposition to the ISSTD is that identity construction should be a personal process and should not be tampered with in abusive and non-consensual ways upon vulnerable people especially, but anyone in general. I believe that we all experience life and identity  as a series of characters we play that make use of the resources at our disposal at that time. In the strictest sense I do believe people can have the experience of having multiple “personalities”, I just don’t think that it is really all that unique or even noticeable in most people or that they are a separate consciousness from your total self. This is simply because many people never do the shadow work necessary to make deliberate decisions about their identity and why they have selected it or let it be selected for them. In this context my overall philosophy is that we need to stop pathologizing ALL forms of identity expression and design therapies around allowing people to work out their problems in tandem and in context of their identity and not in spite of or in mere tolerance of it. I think of many people in terms of having purchased “ready to wear” or “off the rack” identities. Some of us, due to neurodiversity or personal makeup and ability tend to more vibrant and archetypal characters. The charlatans in ISSTD that we have been illuminating for years now are Frankensteins creating broken, destructive, and hurt identities in people simply because they can profit from it while stamping out or limiting the creative expression of full human identity that so many of them are discomforted by. These are banal, repressed, and incomplete people themselves (like milquetoast religious leaders) who have come to believe that their stunted expression of idenity and reason are a standard to achieve instead of leave in the sale bin. I will not serve. #resist


Here’s some music I like with this post;



2 thoughts on “Leviathan; Ritual March 24, 2018 #ISSTDAC18”

  1. That may be the most clever use of social media in terms of ritual magic I’ve ever witnessed. Better than 10 years ago when I left the LDS Church I tried Wicca on for size, and naturally I found a study group online that did virtual rituals via a chat room. It was… a contributing factor to my decision to leave Wicca xD Not nearly as entertaining as watching this play out on FB.


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