The Sabbat Cycle; Awaken

The Satanic Temple and the producers of the movie The Witch are presenting a four part Satanic ritual in four cities. The ritual was conceived prior to being sent a copy of The Witch and the movie thematically contextualizes the message of The Satanic Temple.  On The Satanic Revolution Jex explains the inspiration for the partnership;

We are empowered by the narrative of The Witch: a story of pathological pride, old-world religious paradigms, and an outsider who grabs persecution by the horns. Efforts to oppress and demonize the heretic prove to be a path to destruction. The witch does not burn but rises up in the night.

The first part of The Sabbat Cycle was called Awaken and happened on Ash Wednesday at The Jane Hotel ballroom in Manhattan. Photography was strictly prohibited and limited to approved photographers. The Satanic Temple inversion of ritualised abstinence was ritualised indulgence and awakening to our carnal nature in rebellion against restrictive religious traditions. Guests received dove’s blood and ash marks on their foreheads from two celebrants clad only in nylon stockings. They incanted “This is the mark of your Awakening” as they made these crosses.

The Jane Hotel was established in 1908. The weathered antique art noveou decor perfectly complimented The Sabbat Cycle Awaken. The ballroom had a lodge feel and featured a taxidermy ram over the mantle. Large couches were arranged around long coffee tables filled with black candles and red flowers. A small stage to the side of the room was laid with eucalyptus branches and flanked by two large leather rhinoceros floor cushions. A second level and smaller lounge was accessible via a split stair case and was restricted for the first part of the night leading up to the ceremony. Guests mingled under a large disco ball missing many of its mirrored plates. They enjoyed the fruit and macaroon plates and open bar for most of the evening while dark ethereal music played. A large television in the corner of the ballroom featured a live feed video to a room in the hotel where a Dominatrix and her male subject.photo7_Lphoto4_L.png

When the ballroom filled to capacity Cornelius Loy performed a theremin set on the small stage at the side of the room. His music was haunting, dramatic, and appropriate for a Satanic gathering as the instrument has long been associated with occult counterculture and Satanism in particular due to Anton LaVey’s enthusiasm for it. As his set reached a climax two lines of nude men appeared at the door to the upstairs lounge and slowly decended each side of the split staircase opon which they stopped and faced the crowd. They were followed by two women and Jex who took the center of the platform. The theremin music continued as she gave a speech from which the following excerpt came:

The Devil- a personification of evil as defined by the dictates of a corrupt moral institution. The witch, an expression of independent female sexuality and power within the human history of carnal repression. These are not medieval designations… If you stand here as free-thinking, self-governed and godless you too are considered an enemy of God and a patron of Satan by many in your community and by those who represent you in your government.

Two wrapped objects were presented to the lowermost men on the stairs. As the speech continued the objects were passed up and familial kisses were exchanged between the men. The objects were revealed by the women at the top as a pigs head and a long dagger. The pigs head was motheringly held to breast as  the dagger was brandished defiantly as the speech concluded.

At this a very large black and white American flag was unfurled from its hidden place inside the eucalyptus branches lining the bannister of the landing and the participants ascended the stairs to the upper lounge which was then opened to all guests.

With the ritual concluded participants passed out cards with a room number so that the guests could go peak in on the dominatrix and her sub they had been watching on the video feed all evening.  Smaller versions of The Satanic Temple American flag were also distributed to guests with the message “This flag is a symbol of the new American Era. Place it in spaces that will benefit from Satanic insight. Join the #SatanicRevolution.”IMG_20160210_183644463

The rest of the evening was debaucerous yet relaxed. Guests sat and spoke on couches or mingled in small crowds while more lascivious guests played semi discretely in corners and shadows. Enthusiastic conversations about the symbolism of the ritual were in abundance. The pigs head , a symbol of fecundity and abundance, being significant in several artistic, occult, and literary traditions such as Lord Of The Flies.

The Satanic Temple of Detroit put on a great experience. More than a party, it was fun and invigorating. It was inspiring and …awakening.

(I will add images to this blog as they are released) Recently also covered by Vice. 

The Sabbat Cycle: Rebel. LA

The Sabbat Cycle: Convoke. Austin TX

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