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Artist/Practioners statement for The Champion.

From Facebook;

The Champion. (Knight of Swords adjacent)
Valentine’s (Violentines) Day 2019.
Character inspired by a Facebook friend who fits it well.

The Champion.

Artist’s (practitioners) statement;

When I make art it try to reconcile as many symbols as possible into a narrative. These days I consider myself Gnostic (Luciferian) more than Satanic. When I copy this post into my blog perhaps I’ll go into more detail with that, but all religious paths are disciplines or specific aesthetics placed over archetypes and as you reach gnosis on any path the other paths or religions and disciplines look less and less Other and more adjacent to your own. It is therefore difficult to explain my art without somewhat roughly explaining my own personal mythology. I pair archangels with demons as reflections of the same being. It is just as God and Satan or the Adversary in older Gnostic traditions were not necessarily enemies but partners, or how in polytheistic religions you’ll usually find that there is one main god (The Universe) or Titans from which the other gods (archetypes) spring, angels and demons are halves of a whole being or archetype of the collective consciousness.

Michael and Lucifer are an obvious pair. Too many people confuse Lucifer with Satan, the two have always been separate in occult traditions. This can be explained thus; Satan is a mask or a persona of God when it is time to be The Adversary or pass Judgment. Lucifer was the character who most famously wore that mask other than God (or The Universe).However, The Adversary is available for any who have need of it. Your inner or shadow self or reflection is your “demonic” self. This ties together both Anton LaVeys concept of the demonic and Carl Jungs concepts of the Shadow self. Most people erroneously deny and demonize their Shadow. They hide it from others out of shame instead of prudence and deliberately prioritized situational context.

The Shadow is that inner being or the attributes that you conceal from others. Inner “dark” (hidden) desires or inclinations. Micheal, the obedient warrior, is an archetype who’s shadow longs to rebel, as Lucifer did. These stories of struggle are the stories of the inner battles and revelations we all have. Many of us are too often convinced that we are wrestling with demons when in fact we are wrestling with angels and that the distinctions between the two are not at all as universal as we’ve been indoctrinated by our churches and temples to believe.

As far as consciousness or spirit is concerned, the names of these archetypes or behavioral modes matter less than their attributes. Every religion that has died and become mythology has had different names for them. Every fiction that has been written has likewise named them other things, and all of these stories, past, present, and future will have these same characters of the human mental program. Micheal and Lucifer are their names as we invoke them here. Reconciled the two are are The Champion, separated they are The Warrior and The Rebel.


Color magick;
Greens represent infection, pestilence, radioactivity, toxins. Its reverse meanings represent new growth, sprouting, spring, sustenance.

Purples/violets represent bruising, trauma, frozen blood, the reverse meanings being fecundity (particularly flowering), royalty or grandiosity, rarity, command.

Reds represent blood, violence, attack. Reverse are heat/passion, caution, defense.

Blues represent chill, banality, systemic entrapment. Reverse are twilight (particularly in relation to a scorching day), the sea, community.

I use a lot of greens, purples, and blues symbolically as a statement of prioritizing community resistance of the many against the few. The message is always one of predominantly dismantling systems through their own tactics of infection, pestilence and corruption. Exploit their weaknesses. Contaminate their systems. Humanity is a pestilence upon the body of the Earth. It is time to become a plague to the archetypes and systems that perpetuate that. We can then begin to plant and grow fertile flowering new systems, ones that are resistant or immune to the cyclical plagues of infectious consumption and mental trauma.

I use reds sparingly. They emphasize very direct passionate action or spiritual violence and defense. A consciousness that relies too heavily on red actions does not have enough understanding of systemic operations or blue structures and wastes its heat or passion. Don’t shed blood until its absolutely necessary, and then know which blue vein opens to the most red.

The vibrancy or tone of the colors represents urgency of focus. Brighter colors are more urgent and fresh or nearer to present/future immediate needs. Darker colors may represent longer term sustained actions or commands/invocations or background “tones” or contexts to other colors or commands.


The right hand/side is direct or outward action. The angelic side. In my tarot readings it is the 7th card. It is the side of architecture and design. The sigil of Micheal is emphasized, a summoning of direct actions described below in visuals and text. Be a pestilence to systems of tyranny, infect, and corrupt them. Infecting a corrupt system is a purification. The molotov cocktail is rather obvious in its symbolism and the targets it suggests. The demons or shadows are not the adversaries anymore. The adversaries of humanity sit upon thrones of gilded narcissism and have none of the shame or humility that the shadows provide. As such, gods angels are called upon to upload pestilence into their programs and systems. Angels open the seven seals in Revelations. And it is an angel who is Death, not a demon. The symbol of the Cross of Confusion on the right arm is a message from the angel to question and challenge all would be messiahs, or leaders. Those who wish to lead others are often, if not always, tyrants. The upward triangle represents The Right Hand path and is an ascent unto or upload into. Always punch up.

The left hand/arm bears the sigil of Lucifer. And it sums up his message to the morons of the fascist religious right and their allies. Shadow work is the hallmark of the Left Hand Path. The journey within and the reconciliation of the private self or reflection. The downward triangle is symbolic of Shadow work or *descent into* the self and deliberate individual identity construction. It is a purification in the darkness of The Void that provides resistance and immunity to the concerns of herd or group mentality. We need not follow rules, traditions, or social expectations that harm us. Much of our culture is now built on expectations and traditions legislated into oppressions that harm vast swaths of people. Coagulate (come together) and… Resist.

The caduceus contains a sword instead of the usual rod, and it both plunges into and Rises out of the Ouroboros or self devouring and reproducing dragon.

I’ve found that both the right and left hand paths lead around a circle, and I am on the left hand path now trekking around backwards on the right side. The reconciliation of opposites, or baphomet.

I will cover more details, like the runes and specific numerological choices I’ve made that aren’t immediately obvious, in comments and in my blog later. I’ll also share the NSFW version on MeWe where Zuckerberg can’t get fragile and autocratic about a dick that makes his manhood cry.

Non Serviam.

(I am publishing this blog now but will come back later to add additional commentary and process notes. I share partially to also hopefully encourage innovation the creative processes of others. Working with occult themes and spellwork through modern technology is accessible regardless of location or budget limitations.)

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Artist or fan(atic); Spirituality is an artistic talent.

From a Facebook post;

Yesterday I had an experience with a dude mansplaining religion to me. It’s still bugging me, mostly because he is absolutely in no place and on no level of understanding to presume that he should, yet of course is convinced of quite the opposite. I’m gonna share my thoughts here to get them out and away.

Some background; this dude is a lefty type, into Buddhism and liberal leaning Christian churches along with a rather cult-follower minded interest in The Couse of Miracles. He lacks basic empathic ability but also doesn’t really recognize or acknowledge that about himself. And by lacks I mean that he really seems incapable of understanding that other people’s brains work differently than his, and that everyone has different skill sets and abilities.  He is rather simpleton in nature and struggles with conceptual nuances and I believe that he is drawn to left leaning causes simply because he opportunistically oversimplifies “equality” into a knee jerk white-knight crusade that feeds the peace-and-love hero image of himself that he is fond of. He is frankly a follower when it comes to spiritual and religious matters and confuses memorizing and sharing quotes he likes or performing meditation as prescribed per formula in an inspirational coffee table book for being enlightened.

During the discussion that he had goaded me into while I wasn’t even feeling particularly interested in talking and was actively working on my art on my phone. I explained that given my history I am particularly triggered into irritability up to rage by cults, their followers, and organized religion in general. He is aware of my recent past experiences as well. In hindsight I’ve known he was working up to some kind of antagonism for a few days now and linked it back to likely being related to my offhand comments that I think that the Dali Lama and Buddhism in general is overrated and doesn’t interest me (I sense a real lack of shadow work inherent in the practice and I personally don’t resonate with that and think any spirituality that avoids or downplays shadow work is actively avoiding the hardest but also quickest path to personal awareness and balance) . It can be noted here that, regarding religions in general, and the animosity that I feel for certain other widespread expressions or perversions of spirituality I see out there in the world… that this is rather on the neutral or positive end of the criticism I am capable of laying into about organized religion…

Also noteworthy; my brain clearly saw something like this coming and inspired me to become obsessed with my “fuck you” meditation art… which I now wonder in hindsight if he, being the mansplainer that he is, assumed was some kind of attack on him personally. “I bet you think this song is about you, don’t you?”. (He is blocked from this post)

In any case, he was obviously looking to pick a fight. When I stated that I will never again have any interest in joining a structured or heirarchal religious organization and that I believe that organized religion is beneath me now he started slinging the false narratives. He told me that what I was saying was that “I was better than anyone else” because he can always still “learn something” from religion.

And here, for some of you who may not be familiar and therefore make some of the same conceptual mistakes and oversimplifications he does I’ll explain; spirituality is not religion, and religion is not the same as organized religion. They are not synonyms. They are related terms but, like so many other terms and identities in our culture we’ve allowed people to confuse the concepts for their own agendas and lead us in circles around their nuances without ever trying to grasp the nuance.

Spirituality is the High Art. All art is an expression of the same emotional foundation or human cognitive process that culminates in spirituality. If you prefer a term like “consciousness” or “awareness” or “creativity” to spirituality then have at it, but it is the personalized individual skill set based on life experience and environment and tastes or preferences. Spirituality/creativity/conscious awareness is inextricably tied to identity and its construction. The terms you use,  even of you prefer ones that don’t sound “religious” are less important here than understanding the concept itself, which I know is very difficult to wrap your mind around if you are really limited in scope to verbal/written communication and rigid definitions for your own learning and internalization process and lack conceptual flexibility. Whatever related but imperfect word -in-a-specific-language you want to call it it is the same concept that is hardwired into our behavioral pattern and thought process. It is the fundamental building block of identity and personal awareness. It is not necessarily inextricably tied with belief or worship of a specific god or pantheon. Atheists can likewise replace “god” with “universe” if they like and the imperfection of language to describe universal concepts is the same as it is for spirituality/consciousness/awareness/identity. It’s still the same picture put through a different filter or in black and white and 8×10 instead of a full color wall mural.

Religion is a specific color story or set of complementary aesthetics that appeal to a specific individual. Pick whatever one you want deliberately and with some self reflection. That’s none of my concern because I am not you and I’m not living your life. I have a general interest and fascination with all religions and spiritualities to an extent, some appeal to me more than others, and I’m familiar enough with many of them and their meta concepts or broad picture that they have nothing new to teach me at this point in time barring some interesting new sect of them popping up. Organized religion, getting back to the understanding of Spirituality as the highest of artistic or creative expression, is like a college. There are many of them to choose from, and so feel free to pick the university that appeals to you, but ultimately they all are, again, just different filters over the same picture, or a rewrite of an old play with new character names for the same old archetypes.

And here, in our cult minded follower culture is where people like this dude need to shut the fuck up and trying to evangelize and fucking listen; some of us have fucking graduated organized religion, and when we say it has nothing new to teach us that’s fucking true. We understand how the system works and how grades are assigned and where we have to buy our overpriced canvases, supplies, and textbooks and now we are out in the world creating our own high art with the skills we learned. Everything else is details at this point. Can I tell you every detail about every religion? No, but when you have the natural ability to understand the intersectional nature of religion and it’s relation to spirituality, cultural context, and identity you don’t need all of every ultimately unnecessary detail unless you are specifically interested in a context behind a certain scene or cultural event.

And, that’s what mansplaining fuckwads hate and which hurts their ego, that someone has more natural ability than them at something that they find huge and complicated and need much more study and practice at, but hey guess what? Not everybody is an artist. Some people have to work much harder at it, and some people never will be very good at it and will at best only ever be hobbyists. That’s where things like religion and organized religion can be useful when they aren’t being controlling and evangelical. You can consider them “continuing education” or an art appreciation club. Everyone can appreciate art, and art is always a specific more personal expression of the same “energy” or concept that is spirituality. However,  again, just as artists mediums and messages vary so do religions, and a lot of people will only ever have the ability to be “fans” or “followers” or “critics”.

So, when I say I have nothing else to learn from belonging within an organized religion, and that Buddhism doesn’t personally interest me that’s not a fucking personal attack. It’s not me broadly saying I’m “better than everyone else” just because you find it all complex and are struggling or still learning or trying to grasp the concepts. It is me saying that I have a unique natural or innate talent for conceptual understanding and multimedia (culturally specific) expressions of it with this particular topic. Many many folks are better at math or engineering or painting or drawing than I and I don’t choose to act indignant and personally attacked by that. “I have a unique instinctual and natural ability in this particular creative field of relational contextual cultural concept” is similar to saying and demonstrating “I am a good painter, sculptor”. It’s not the same as saying “I’m better than everyone else because I can paint or sculpt well” and the fact that that’s what you hear is exemplary of how lacking in understanding the nature of the topic you are. Broadly, there are way too many people in our culture running organized religions who think this way themselves, and pass those erroneous concepts off to their idiot followers. After centuries of that we have this; some idiot mansplainer follower whose feelings are hurt or threatened at the notion that his favorite ideas or practices are really pretty pedestrian and common in a really elementary way.


Organized Satanism; A Merry-Go-Round of Stupid.

I found Satanism when I was a teenager, Ive recounted this elsewhere in this blog so I’ll just revisit the facts that are relevant. I found Satanism through occult studies that lead to reading Anton LaVeys books about the subject. When I went looking for a “Satanic community” I found nothing and noone that I would be proud to introduce as a fellow Satanist to any of my more intellectually inclined friends, so I stopped looking for a “Satanic Community” and instead looked for individuals who shared interests that I personally identified as Satanic, even while they perhaps didn’t identify them as such. Labels and identities are words we use for convenience, and it is intent and context that matters more than names, titles, and terms of identification.

Satanism is the pursuit of individual context and identity even against, and often in spite of, normative social values. In this I found that feminists, Queers, atheists, Black Panthers, neurodivergent and other such rabble were the comrades I was looking for. Those who thumbed their noses at respectability politics and actively sought to change the culture around them to through visibility or simply being, and refusal to tow the line of universally prescribed social values passed down generationally from arbitrary authorities and accepted as truth by way of programmed cultural repetition and group validation were more Satanic than dudes in black and red tee shirts decked out in baphomet symbols who simply safely passed as “metal heads” and therefore didn’t really challenge anything meaningful to my reality.

Simply, most other Satanists I encountered lead a mediocre personal rebellion in service to getting dates and social validation among others with similarly rigid and fragile concepts of masculinity and rationality. I’d rather be alone than surrounded by lickspittles who don’t inspire me to evolve. They were followers looking for a group to belong to, instead of creating a group around them that belongs to them. Creation and creativity are paramount in my Satanism. Being myself, without apologies or loss of personal integrity matters more than what others think of me, because they don’t matter to my identity construction and my existence is not one of servitude to others limitations and comforts. Creating a community around me that intellectually and emotionally inspires me is more important than the labels and identities those individuals in my community choose for themselves.

Church of Satan members always played a rather ridiculous game of “No True Satanist” regarding those who they felt veered off from …following… Antons personal vision of Satanism. The idea of Satanism being “codified” and therefore being “owned” by an organization
and having dogma and the equivalent of a “prophet” in Anton is one that I’m fairly sure even he would be disgusted by. His writings, full of amusing insights and theatrical personal musings, while valuable are not divinely or infernally inspired by Satan himself. Let’s be real, in context of the times they were written they were perfect for what he intended, but his later writings make it fairly clear to anyone “with eyes to see and ears to hear” that Satanism should evolve within the hands of the practioner and not be hobbled by dogma or rules. To be so is to be like every other organized religion with commandments from the few for the many to follow. I argue that even basic assertions that Satanists rigidly be “atheists” is absurd as it removes the very “third path” we can imagine in personal context and in relation to subjects that clearly interested Anton involving transhumanism, and magick. One need not worship gods or the entities they represent in order to believe that they may exist outside of our perception and that we can perhaps tap into or contact them. This is what I think he meant, which is a common and simple concept to witches; that spirits, entities, and the like are just like people. They have their own individual programs and motivations and therefore are neither good, nor bad in a broad sense, and arent worthy of “worship”. Instead they should be considered or consulted only in context of the aims of the practitioner for that particular working or systemic construction. Honor is not synonymous with worship. And the division between atheist and theist is another unnecessarily binary distraction to those of us with the confidence to entertain the possibilities of reality and workings of the universe as a matter of language and perception.

To illustrate what I am saying a little more plainly I need to explain the possibilities I entertain for my own personal reality. The universe is “god” and is like a body in which we live as cells. I generally think of it as a program, and technically that would also make it an alien intelligence that we cannot completely know or understand. It is not necessarily aware of or personally interested in the existence of every cell in its own body, in fact many of them are prone to infection just like in human bodies (As above, so below). Gods, angels, demons, ancestor spirits etc are the beings or Jungian archetypes coded within our genetic memory that are our “immediate management” or program directives for this planet and the resources we have available to us and have to share upon it.

In this context folks who tell you that “God” speaks directly to them are basically like that cashier who claims to be best friends with the CEO of the company… blow hards and opportunists. One can argue that this concept and lack of unquestioning reverence for traditional definitions of god is still atheistic, because I don’t believe in God or gods as defined by others but construct my own informed story and don’t see the necessity in convincing other to believe in it. One can also argue that its theistic, or as I prefer “transtheistic” in that I simply see it as the program of the systems of evolution and the universe itself and is therefore “all knowing” and “all powerful” and that we can glean messages and parts of the code from it by understanding it in the framework of the collective consciousness and current scientific and technological consensus.

In this the Satanist is by nature an adversarial switch, or nonbinary element, creating order when chaos is unraveling systems that support their personal goals and intent, and creating chaos in systems of order that suppress evolution and progress towards those intentions and goals. Satanists as Anton defined them do not always identify as such themselves and he stated as much. It is the word and language he chose for the archetype he described and that is an insight that too many in the CoS don’t internalize. He was speaking of the personal identity construction of an archetype that, like the gods that the Roman church demonized or canonized as saints from pagan or heathen religions, wear many names and will wear many more. The names are less important than their spirit manifest in the practitioner. The Satanist, and their parallel archetypes, represent a kaleidoscope of ability to switch between behavioral modes to best creatively challenge the particulars of the scene at hand. Just as above the universe or “God” has produced multiple identities through which to experience reality and evolve, so below Satanists know when to be the warrior, or the trickster, or the mother, or pestilence etc. It takes all of the archetypes in balance with the resources available to evolve together, that is how human communities are preprogrammed and coded. Satanists, in RPG terms, are hybrid classes because sometimes you need a sword, and sometimes a spell, and other times just a distraction or crowd control.

It is that contextualization of “multiple identities” or personal aspects as a religious and mental discipline that I’ve always practiced that eventually, along with my adversarial “switch” back to interests in magick and spiritualism, that led to my excommunication from The Satanic Temple and their subsequent attempts to erase my history with them. So it’s a great segue into discussion of their evident mediocrity as Satanists. As I’ve said I find it ludicrous and antithetical to Satanism to declare that Satanism has a universal expression or dogma. I do have strong personal standards for what and who I consider to be good representation of Satanic ideals and archetypes, and I found how TST fails those.

Stopping short of broad stroke calling them “fake” Satanists I will instead liken them to Sunday Church Christians who show up to be seen as it gives them social currency and opportunity. Many of them _are_ simpleton atheists who like metal and occult trappings, but still require someone to lead and entertain them with self perpetuating validation of insubstantial egos, and are thus unlikely to pursue any actual difficult or honest personal development or shadow work. Shadow work and understanding or disarming the mechanism of Othering is essential to developing the archetype of Satanism or effective rebellion. I respect self identity, but I can also spot beginners who won’t ever level up, and will likley effectively quit the game later. They are Satanists, just as kindergartners are educated and may become graduates.

I was involved, deeply, and while my personal expressions and intentions served the business and media goals of those two (or three, if you count the figure of “Mary” who seemed to be little more than an email address and pseudonym for one of Malcolms business partners and therefore is as likely to be Malcolm or a shared email address as not) people “higher up” in the hierarchy from me that I answered to everything worked out well for me and what my vision of Satanism is. Once I became too publicly open about my interest in revisiting the occult, theological, and magickal interests and their relation to multiplicity, modern psychology, and technology advancements and understandings I found the limits of the TST cofounders support of acceptable individual expression. Which is where I found the limits of their Satanism, a philosophy and religion that by its nature shouldn’t have arbitrary limits. Their limits are where they can feasibly acquire media and social currency to drive the donations that they squander on moving the same expensive statue around for photo shoots and drawing in chapter members who provide the volunteer labor to keep their costs low and visibility high enough to provide an illusion of relevance or accomplishment. While I had always been most interested in outcomes of the women’s reproductive rights campaign as religious exemptions most of memberships’ rather pedestrian proposed activities always revolved around poorly conceived or designed “holiday” displays (that never have much of an actual holiday concept or coherent seasonal religious artistic statement) and “Satanic” charity drives so that they could be sure to get shock media as “Satanists” who are “compassionate”  in their local papers. By the time I left I really was disgusted at the lack of originality chapters and members were exhibiting and it really did begin to feel like a skit in Portlandia involving Goths who “put a Satan on it” for IG photos.

I had befriended a multiplicity activist and opponent of Lucien’s pet Grey Faction activism on social media. A woman whom I myself had had frequent and ongoing non-violent but heated altercations with, and had even called the police on for tresspassing at the gallery during an event. We disagreed on particulars of multiplicity, but her viewpoints still interested me and her persistence was impressive enough that I developed the respect I often do for those who are exemplary of passionate resistance to injustice and adversity, even when I disagree with their context of the issue or perceived injustice. This is what Satanists do, because we instinctually understand the dangers of echo-chambers, brain washing, and stubborn inability to understand opposition due to personal limitations of the ego.

The email I received from National Council, which I believe looking back was just the best excuse they could muster after trying to trap me with other manufactured “offenses” in order to have a reason to excommunicate me and save face as a supposed “Satanic” organization (because they began to see me as a liability to their “respectable” atheist and establishment based financial iterests) demanded that I renounce all titles within TST, “unfriend” her, cease all communication with her public or private, and help them locate and remove online any articles, pictures, or mentions of membership or leadership in TST in order to retain my membership and privileges to forums.

When I refused to do so and forfeited further involvement members of national council encouraged folks to report my profile, and demanded that everyone unfriend me or be “blocked”. These are cult excommunication tactics 101, and I felt that surely all of these Satanists would see the obvious issue with leadership in an organization claiming to be Satanic and in pursuit of individual freedom of expression engaging in such behavior…

Nope. They all unfriended me as told, and participated in smearing and gaslighting me according to the examples set by that leadership. The opportunistic ones that couldn’t gain enough satisfactory foothold with their own mediocre contributions while I was around lead the charge as they saw the ladder that the chaos left in front of them… and the couple of people here and there who refused to bow to groupthink and demands left or were cold-shouldered out in short order.

And here, I got off of the Merry-Go-Round, nauseas and exactly where I started decades ago; totally aware in hindsight that I should have known better and that organized Satanism and community is antithetical to what Satanism is as long as it has “leadership” with such fragile intellect, egos, and personal image concerns. To demand members edit their personal relationships and unrelated public creative statements and rituals to reflect respectably upon the organization at all times is… very Catholic, or Scientologist, or any number of other religions other than Satanic. Satanism is always an individual vision and as such, requires followers to be a community that has leaders with such easily threatened, simplistic, or lazily conceptualized and defended public image concerns…

Non Serviam


Mediocrity is not Valuable. Personal Conceptual Limitations are not “Facts”.

Expanding on a comment I made elsewhere and with another comment thread I engaged in on my mind;

Collectively, I think humanity has allowed itself to develop some kind of learning disability in relation to nuanced subjects that are not “this or that” or “right or left” etc. Spectrums of human expression and behavior seem to be beyond comprehension for a lot of people.

No matter how many smaller words you use the concepts of more than two answers or solutions vex so many that I am left thinking “as above, so below” but in relation to humans and the dog breeds we’ve created. Just like those little codependent idiot breeds with all of the physical and genetic disabilities that we carry around in bags many of us have become walking simpleton statements that don’t seem to serve any purpose but personal vanity and emotional validation.

Dislodging psychological topics like gender from reproductive ones like genitals just seems to be so far beyond these idiots ability to grasp an even slightly more complex reality than they’ve constructed for themselves that I wonder at how we aren’t all seeing the obvious pattern of mental devolution happening? This stuff didn’t seem to be so complicated for many prehistoric or earlier cultures. Even without the scientific language and functional understanding we have of it now, or the ability to Google it…, many earlier cultures had common terms and community roles for trans and non-binary gender expressions. Many gods had both Male and female aspects. And these were much smaller cultures for whom reproduction was actually still important to the survival of the tribe, unlike now when we have more than enough people breeding… and could actually begin to focus on non biological or “spiritual” reproduction such as the creation of guiding ideas and concepts that shape new cultures.

These people seem to be holdovers who lack the talents of network comprehension and awareness a modern society needs more of… innovation and community infrastructure, and instead are just extra breeding and laborer mentality. And yet they are ironically convinced that numbers make them “normal” or somehow a standard that is still necessary.

Breed millions of toy snickerpoodles or whatever if you like, but they are still a codependent species… incapable of survival without partnership. And our culture is full of people convinced of their own independent, necessity, and importance while ignoring the rather obvious data that we have far too many intellectually and conceptually limited codependent laborers and breeding stock than we actually need to evolve or develop better infrastructure for everyone involved yet keep voting in kennel masters who sell them out as feed and fodder for dogfights every chance they get…

They mock us for empathy, it’s like they are nasty puffed-up little chihuahuas who can’t wait to be sent into the pit with pitbulls…



Adapt or Perish, Do As Thou Wilt.

From a facebook post;

I’ve had enough of religious organizations and cults for this lifetime, including atheists who behave like they are in one. Yes, I’m aware that semantically atheism is not a religion, but many atheists still treat it like one. They show up on my occult or mysticism related posts in rude manners in what essentially boils down to attempting to shame my interests because they don’t share them.

If this is you, and you feel a compulsive need to manage other folks interests instead of simply not engage posts and topics that don’t interest you then go ahead and show yourself out. I ain’t having it anymore. It is teenage behavior at best, and cult like at worst and many atheists are as guilty of it as Evangelicals.

My spirituality is based in transhumanism and Jungian concepts of collective consciousness and archetypes. It also incorporates the interests in mythology and religion (all of them, and their parallels to each other) that I have always had. It is also informed by our best scientific understanding of the time but (and here’s where these atheists fail at innovation and creativity or imagination) I also entertain concepts that cannot be proven or measured by humans with our current understanding or technology. This is what an artist (religious, occult, or otherwise) is good at… imagining possibilities and applying them in personal and creative ways to themselves and their perception.

Atheists who obsessively shit on concepts of universal spirit or the possibilities of telepathy and empathy or forseeing the future, or remembering ancestors’ past aren’t paying attention to current science on neralnetworks, telepathy, and genetic memory/ genetic markers. I’m not here to entertain their fear of my ability to imagine and contextualize how I believe all of these concepts will come together in the not so distant future… making magick into science… just as technology always has. I am not asking nor do I even want people to believe in things as I do. Diversity of belief and perspective is as essential to adaptation as physical mutation and hybridization are and without that diversity we have no art or ability to imagine the communication devices (for instance) that Star Trek used into the reality of smart phones we all use today. If you are limited to imagining and believing only what someone else tells you is true then you’re a shitty scientist and a lackluster thinker, and you would make a better church goer or cult member (not even a leader) than you think.

My character has always been one that imagined and exploited loopholes. Which is why I can entertain possibilities and be… creative. I describe myself as transtheistic, I was a theist when I was very young, who then became an atheist, who then through personal experience realized that the difference philosophically is irrelevant. It is a matter of verbiage. I have always suspected that the universe itself is like a body, and that we are like cells within it, which is not unlike pantheism and imagining that the Universe is the creator God, and is consistent with notions of multiverses and perceptions of time or the collective consciousness being a neralnetwork we are all connected to… like the Matrix… or how the religious disciplines in Dune work.

Anyone watching as we create A.I. and understand how to accomplish that is, in my opinion, naive to assume that at some point beings we don’t perceive couldn’t have been wrestling with the same questions and concerns.

To religious “love and light” types, if that floats your boat have at it, but I ask you, do you have a personal relationship and love for every cell in your body? Do you know all of their names? Do they all matter equally to you? Do you even love the cancerous ones? The ones infected by viruses? This is my relationship and understanding of God. To that end I think of your oversimplifications of “love and light” as someone who ignores effective treatments for cancer and viruses in favor of things that make personal feel good statements instead. I’ll go ahead and stick with the entities that are aware of me and work with them, because sometimes a sickness in the body needs to be immunized, which is an attack upon it and doesn’t resemble any kind of love, but is a service and for the greater good of the entirety of the living body.

I’ve had it with every kind of cult holding back the progress of humanity within the comfort zones of their personal limitations. Humanity is a cancer upon the body of this planet, and we are all forced to participate in the fever at this point. We need to clean up our act, and we can begin with not being shitbags to each other because of our own personal fragilities and limitations.

Humans are not superior life forms, we are just adapted to do what we are supposed to, at best, and at worst many of us are just a virus or random code fragments that are no longer necessary for the survival of the species or the progress of life on this planet.

Non Serviam.

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Love Wasted on Ingrates…

From a Facebook post;

I became a Satanist when I was a teenager because I saw how the common mantra of most religions that we should “love” everyone was used and abused in ways that were translated into control and brainwashing. It is a false positivity that discourages allowing people to learn from the suffering they inflict upon themselves and others.

These days I’ll add that I resent the notion of universal “love” because it is born of simplistic notions of love being the only option other than hate. I don’t hate often (it’s as energetically wasteful and counterproductive as trying to love too many) and when I do I find ways to direct that hate that that bypass the other simplistic notions that one has to have an individual target of that hate and then use it up or exorcise it on appropriate targets towards which I punch up. I hate systems and cultures, I hate the grey masses of servants supporting them, and the archetypes that embody them. Individuals rarely factor into the things I hate except as puppets of those systems, blights, or spirits among humanity.

Most religions talk down to people and that practice serves to keep people stupid, common, and malleable. I don’t have to love someone to have empathy for their situation. I don’t have to love someone to respect their equality. I don’t have to love them to believe that they should have as much opportunity to learn from suffering as I have, and that the best way to allow that process is to allow them to experience the negative reprocussions of their own actions. Arguing with folks about concepts of loving everyone feels like banging my head on a wall when I should just be handing them a dictionary or thesaurus and telling them to get back to me when they can construct concepts that are less vague and deliberately “feel-good-y” and therefore just ego masturbation in service to lazy individual spiritual path following instead of forging for oneself.

“Get back to me and this discussion when you have something nuanced and concise to say instead of this circular semantics argument over a word that you overuse to death because it is overused to death and therefore you think it’s still the right thing to say because you hear it all of the time.”

Religious cults and movements that use limited verbiages of expression, using “love” where words with more substantial contextual nuance like respect, empathy, or compassion are more appropriate, devalue the meaning, and consequently cultural expression, of the word love and in my observation leaves behind a culture of people so lacking in emotional intelligence and ability for personal interpretation and identity construction that it elects tyrants to rule over it while abusing its own families and loved ones through control and manipulation based on the tyrants larger example.

Simply, a culture that tries to “love” everyone forgets how to actually connect to the passionate emotional complexity, creative personal interpretive ability, and nuance required to ascend and evolve itself properly and then _we all_ lose in the process. This is why when I make plain statements that I don’t love, or even like most people the childish automatic assumption from most people is that I “hate” or “dislike” everyone, and the conversations to unwire this juvenile inability to appreciate or interpret what was actually said and separate it from what was heard or comprehended frustrate me as it is a neverending uphill labor in my life. I say what I mean, and that’s not what was said. I have a lot of difficulty talking to Grey people because of these very kinds of issues caused by living around linear and binary thinkers. They always hear something other than what I meant when we talk about just about any subject that we “go deep” on and it is exhausting trying to undo their cultural servitude programming and get them to see spectrums instead of binaries.

In cultures driven by false positive narratives of universal love we lose the ability to even grasp or comprehend neutrality or nuance and context. Cultures based on ignorant goals of universal love, for strangers, for enemies, for our boss, are ripe for manipulative sociopathic performers-of-love* to gain the very traction and Influence that lands them in positions of control over others. We place trinkets and masks of love on an altar and spend our time sacrificing to them instead of the real avatars of love and personal fulfillment that exist right beside of us on our couches, and in our friends and family. When those sociopaths that perform the glamour of love without the commitment or loyalty of it are able to gain audience and influence they continue devaluing love into an aesthetic, and a set of phrases, a performance, an IG photo… because sociopaths don’t understand love in any other way and they damage the reality of it for everyone they Influence in the process.

Which is why we have this situation where 1 in a 100 people is a sociopath, but in our culture that number dramatically increases among the people in powerful positions, CEOs, presidents, senators… non-profits… we collectively fall for the smokescreen of “love everyone ” because people think that sounds nice and then we start falling for and then creating more gods that perform the appearance of love instead of those who understand when it is appropriate and earned, and how love is earned.

I’m an empath, it’s impossible for me not to have empathy for people, I see myself and my feelings reflected in everyone, even in people I despise. I see into people and their intentions and motivations, they are reflections of my own, but that doesn’t mean I have to love when and how they wield them, or that I think everyone is redeemable. I don’t even believe, in this mentally ill culture that everyone has their own soul.

In this culture as it is I think many people in powerful positions only hold fractions of souls, and those fractions themselves are malignant blights we’d be best to immunize and cut out of our collective system, and we should have been working on that together much earlier than this.

When I say that I hope Trump experiences the very lowest pit of depression it is as someone for whom those low pits have been teachers and constant companions. It is as someone for whom the very systems he supports dug those pits deeper…He can learn in that Void and overcome the ego that all of the other malignant programs around him have always enabled, or he can succumb to it and frankly perish. I won’t waste any of my love energy on a vampire such as he. We’ve all collectively given him quite enough of our power and energy. It’s time to pull the plug and hail The Process and The Program he has written for himself.



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Anxiety and Hypervigilance; The Precursors to Prescience and Telepathy.

This is from one of my Facebook posts on Jerek Blackwood’s profile;

Most of my defense strategy of having headphones in when I am in public is to avoid the way people, upon seeing me, decide to project their voices and have conversations about subjects they want me to hear their opinions and observations on. There’s no reason I should be able to hear people across the room, but the noise, volume, and chatter always increase when I appear. They attempt to wax on about things philosophical, political, or religious and spiritual, often behaving as if they really believe in the profundity of their conclusions and as if I need to hear what they have to say. It is tedious. Having attention directed at you everywhere you go in this rather percussive way is exhausting for anyone, let alone those of us who experience constant hypervigilance.

The worst folks often then go out of their way to try and engage my attention visually when they notice I can’t hear or am ignoring them (which is just subterfuge and refusal to entertain on my part because I really can’t ignore them, I am quite hyper-vigilant of my surroundings especially when strangers are around so it is impossible to actually “ignore” people even tho I am adept at appearing to do so) The best I can manage is trying to mitigate and prioritize the data I am always absorbing from them when other people are around. These folks are akin to entitled children demanding attention by jumping around in front of you or throwing a temper tantrum or otherwise acting out. When I take out my headphones it is always for some inane question from someone holding a smartphone that could answer the question for them… and before some sapiens-apologist starts scolding me on how they are perhaps just trying to interact with me because they find me interesting or knowledgable looking I will point out that fundamentally this behavior is obviously nonconsensual, as no part of my body language or the fact that I have my hood up making no eye contact with headphones in suggests that I want or welcome verbal engagement. As a culture we need to stop pretending that body language isn’t a form of communication in and of itself.

Anxiety is fundamentally and functionally hypervigilance and living with the ability to internalize a wide set of data such as body language, facial expression, costuming, timbre of voice, choice of vocabulary and topics, and then apply them against the context of the scene to assess the spectrums of threat, safety, or the potential of either in rapid procession. All of this is always just a running background program or autopilot whose volume or intensity increases when outside of quieter and more familiar surroundings and people.

Living with hypervigilance for decades can teach one how to attune it to a degree that I argue can become prescient, and for all intents and purposes, telepathic. When you understand the characters and archetypes of people (whom are not impressively or substantially different from each other to someone like me with my instincts and abilities to organize and assimilate systemic data, despite general widespread public delusions and over-confidences of individuality) and how they express themselves, and adjust that data across cultural aesthetics and expressions and scene contexts and relationships, the world really does become an experience of watching an endless play or movie written by lazy hack screenwriters taking shortcuts. Everything has a tendency to devolve into the pettiest storyline for the most mediocre melodrama. Surprise twists and endings become fewer and fewer and farther in between, and refusing to play the role written for you for the salary or cultural currency offered becomes it’s own honorable artistic statement…

And here we are, at this moment in time, where at least one of the stories, my own, still seems to be open to further character development and direction… only because I am a stubborn negotiator who isn’t above simply leaving the the negotiation table altogether rather than sacrifice any more of my personal integrity for trinkets and tokens.

Non Serviam.